MAGNITUDE director Pooya Abbasian has done it again! Using his unique style of art direction and storytelling, he has created this beautiful music promo for ABBY's latest release Monsters, commissioned by Universal Music.
This is the story of Abby, an isolated girl who has been submerged in the world of her own turmoil and paranoia, where the line between reality and nightmare is growing thinner and thinner.
Director: Pooya Abbasian 
Producers: Fritzi Nicolaus & Reza Dolatabadi
Animation / Character Modeling: Joanne Smithies
Character / Environment Design: Pooya Abbasian
Texturing / Rendering: Faraz Abbasi
Post: Faraz Abbasi / Pooya Abbasian
Rigging: Guillaume Ferrachat
Story: Pooya Abbasian
Music: ABBY
Album: Friends and Enemies
Label: Universal Music
Production: MAGNITUDE